Taj Antiseptic Disinfectant – The ultimate product for UAE households!

Taj Antiseptic Disinfectant – The ultimate product for UAE households!

Do you want to protect your home from germs? Taj’s antiseptic disinfectant is all you need! 

 Formulated with utmost care, our antiseptic disinfectant is proven to wipe off all kinds of germs in one go. And as if this was not only enough, Taj’s antiseptic disinfectant is also safer to use and gentle on the hands. 

 As important as it is, we believe in curating products that are not only high quality but those that effectively work against germs and what is even better is that our antiseptic disinfectant is a multipurpose cleaner that is perfect for all your cleaning needs. 

Carefully developed, Taj antiseptic disinfectant makes cleaning easy while ensuring surfaces are thoroughly cleaned as well as free from dust, dirt and grease. It’s all purpose action can be used on all types of surfaces including wood, marble, glass and veneer. Clean your greasy floor or stove, Taj antiseptic disinfectant will effortlessly wipe off dirt and grease.


One of the most important aspects of buying any disinfectant is whether it will work or not and how it is developed. Taj antiseptic disinfectant provides ultimate protection against germs and kills almost ninety-nine percent of pathogens including powdery mildew, fungi as well as grey mold,  bacteria and germs.

While it’s efficient rinse free formula is an added bonus as it conserves water, the instant drying formulation quickly dries out and leaves no footprints or water stains behind. You will be surprised to see how clean and shiny your house feels and not only this, its pleasant fragrance is sure to leave a refreshing smell for hours!


As we care about our customer’s needs, Taj Antiseptic Disinfectant is  free from potentially toxic chemicals and dermatologically as well as pH tested to be tough on dirt but gentle on the hands. It comes in a handy bottle with an adjustable cap. To use, simply pour a few drops in a bottle of water and wipe the desired area using a cloth and be ready to experience spotless space. 

Choose from a range of 1 litre,  500ml or 4 Litre bottles but it is our promise that you will not regret buying our multifunctional product!

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