Taj Dishwashing Liquid – Best for Dishwashing in UAE!

Taj Dishwashing Liquid – Best for Dishwashing in UAE!

Sure to be one of your favorites, our dishwashing liquid will have you look forward to washing dishes! Unlike most dishwashing liquids, Taj’s dishwash is carefully designed to protect your hands from drying out so you do not have to worry about wrinkled skin. 

Our innovative dishwashing liquid, bursting with the goodness of lemon zest,  is an exceptional addition to your household cleaning products. With the power of lemon  as a bleaching agent, Taj dishwashing liquid will not only protect your household items but will certainly be a game changer in your life, which will wash up to 5x more dishes than regular dishwashers. 

Taj dishwashing liquid

Each ingredient in our dishwashing liquid is meticulously thought of to remove food-based oil and seamlessly blended with each other to protect your dishes from discoloration while also making it squeaky clean and shiny, leaving no stubborn stains behind. 


The active ingredients in our dishwashing liquid are also coupled with emollients, dyes and aroma adding chemicals to not only help lock in moisture for your hands but also to give out a refreshing fragrance to your dishes.


Apart from this, Taj Dishwashing Liquid is free from potentially toxic chemicals such as surfactants that pose health risks. We believe in quality and our products are dermatologically and pH tested to be gentle on the skin while remaining certainly tough on grease!

Taj Dishwash Liquid

Taj dishwashing liquid comes with easy packaging and an adjustable cap that will ensure you do not end up pouring more liquid than required. A pint of our dishwashing liquid will kill bacteria and remove excess grime, mildew and fungi on your dishes in just one swipe! Just pour a small drop of our dishwashing liquid on the sponge and you will be done with dishes in just a blink of an eye. 


And what really makes Taj dishwashing liquid stand out is its adaptability to be used as an effective household cleaner. You can use it to degrease your kitchen appliances or prevent glasses from fogging and we guarantee this is one product that your kitchen really would not like to miss out on. 


Our affordable 1 litre dishwashing liquid will last you more than a month and is available in a choice of your fragrances.

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