Taj Powder Detergent – A complete cleaning solution in UAE

Taj Powder Detergent – A complete cleaning solution in UAE

Wipe off all those stains with Taj’s Powder Detergent. It is a complete cleaning solution with proven efficacy to remove stubborn stains and leaves your clothes feeling refreshed so you don’t fret about those dirty marks and stains. Taj’s Powder Detergent is strictly formulated to instantly brighten the fabric and protect it from fading.


It is worth noting that whether it’s those greasy food stains or color stains you are fighting hard to remove or worried about the color fading, with Taj’s Powder Detergent you have chosen the right savior as it is trusted to not affect your fabric’s life. Instead, it seamlessly removes the stains while ensuring not to compromise on the quality of the fabric.


Taj’s powder detergent is intelligently designed to save your fabric from losing its intactness and elasticity. Which is why, no matter how many times you wash your clothes in the washing machine, they will not shrink. But it is advised to check for any labels or special care instructions on the care label and to wash and dry them in the same manner.

Protecting the viability of the fabric, Taj’s Powder detergent is diligently incorporated with fabric conditioners to keep the fabric soft and smooth. Unlike many other detergents that promise to not harm the fabric but end up doing so, Taj’s powder detergent causes no damage to the fabric in the process of removing a stain. The fabric conditions are also infused with fragrances to give off a pleasant smell to your fabric once washed.


One thing that we are all concerned about is the excessive use of technology and toxic chemicals in our daily life. From food items, beauty products to household products, by and large, all of these include some kind of potentially harmful ingredients that have slowly and gradually swept up their way in our lives and have ultimately harmed us in many ways. But to make sure, this is not the case with any of Taj’s products.


An essential household item in the UAE, Taj boasts of products that are top quality to match your living standards and are curated to transform your house care needs. All of Taj’s products are carefully developed using ingredients that are tough on stains but gentler on the hands and this is certainly a promise Taj delivers on.


Taj’s powder detergent comes with an easy box packaging that can be easily stored. Instructions are listed on the box guiding you on how to use the product. A spoonful or two of Taj’s 2in1 powder detergent will be enough to thoroughly clean all the stains on the fabric. You can either wash them in a washing machine by adding the detergent or fill a bucket with warm water, add detergent and soak in your clothes to treat the stains or simply wash the clothes.


Affordability and convenience goes hand in hand when it comes to Taj’s products. The 2in1 powder detergent is highly affordable and is available in packaging ranging from 110grams to 3kilograms.

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