Taj Surface Cleaner – A product Specifically Designed for UAE Households

Taj Surface Cleaner – A product Specifically Designed for UAE Households

Tired of cleaning the floor, windows and glass in your home but the stains and spots remain there ?

Get your hands on Taj’s surface cleaner which effortlessly cleans all the windows, glass and floor with its active technology.

Carefully designed to suit all your home care needs, Taj’s Surface Cleaner wipes away grease, stains and contaminants in just one swipe. The active technology of this surface cleaner is tough on the stains but safer to use, while being gentle on the hands.

With Taj, the aim is to curate high quality products that are tough on the stains and germs but safe to use on the hands and are proven to provide instant results. Whether you want to clean your windows or the floor, Taj’s Surface Cleaner will not disappoint you.

Unlike many other surface cleaners, the problem remains that they promise to clean all the germs and stains but fail to deliver on them. Taj’s Surface cleaners multi-purpose ability helps to not only pull out germs and contaminants from the surface but also leave it stainless and spotless while also specifically disinfecting it.

As is the case with many others, Taj’s surface cleaners are designed to be free from potentially harmful and toxic chemicals that may pose health risks. Taj’s surface cleaner is formulated to be a rinse free formula. You can easily use it by spraying or pouring the spray on the surface and easily wiping it off using a piece of cloth or tissue paper and you will be able to see the instant shine that you desire.

Taj Surface cleaner, infused with fragrance that leaves your home feeling refreshed, is available in 900ml or 3 Liters bottles. You can choose from Mac Lavender, Mac Oud or Mac Pine and we can guarantee that this is a decision that you will not regret.

If you are looking to clean your toilet, then Taj Toilet Cleaner is what you need. And our floor cleaners are available in floor cleaner Rose Blossom and Sandalwood Musk.

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